Artist Statement

The overarching theme of my work is connection. The subject of community and belonging weigh heavily in the exploration of this theme. Also important is the exploration of the dynamics of movement. Many of my paintings are urban landscapes. They are an exploration of the connection between our structures and the natural environment as well as the eddies and currents of the fluid motion that surround and connect us.

As well as exploring the various implications of connection in the themes of my work, painting is a personal way of connecting with the world. The act of painting is at first a solitary activity, which allows for a meditative quality of interaction within myself, which connects me to personal faith. Then, once a piece is complete, the connections become external. When it resonates with a viewer a connection is forged. This is where art transcends the solitude of the creative process.

In an increasingly fragmented world, we cannot expect to connect with our creator, or higher truth, if we cannot maintain connections with each other and our environment.Signed, Dylan Swan